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  • Port Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Factory Lighting
  • Lighting for Ice Rinks and Sporting Facilities
  • Warehouse Lighting


Constellation Lighting has a wide range of quality LED lighting products.



Our energy efficient products are excellent solutions for a wide range of applications.

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ConstellationL1 Did you know our LEDs do not flicker like conventional lights? This creating a better working environment for your office staff.
ConstellationL1 LED tube lamps produces light wavelengths that are also found in natural daylight, resulting in feelings of well being!
ConstellationL1 Check out our shiny new website at ! (and a great job by
ConstellationL1 Constellation Lighting we have experience of working with clients from a variety of sectors including commercial,industrial & public sector
ConstellationL1 Large volume spaces require a high level of lighting - LED lamps are the ideal industrial lighting, offering superb colour differentiation
ConstellationL1 LED tube lighting offers an effective and economical way to light offices, public and commercial areas
ConstellationL1 Have a cold store? Due to no forward heat generation we can also save you money on your refrigeration
ConstellationL1 Still unsure on LED's? Constellation Lighting can provide lighting designs to show what LUX levels you would achieve before installation
ConstellationL1 See what Hermes think of us
ConstellationL1 The use of LED lighting is known to offer significant benefits when used in the workplace, compared to alternative forms of lighting
Case Studies

Case Studies

Take a look at some examples of the work we have completed for our clients.



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Industrial Lighting

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Office Lighting

  • The use of LED lighting is now known to offer significant benefits when used in the workplace, compared to alternative forms...

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Warehouse Lighting

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LED Lighting

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