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  • Warehouse Lighting
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  • Lighting for Ice Rinks and Sporting Facilities
  • Warehouse Lighting


Constellation Lighting has a wide range of quality LED lighting products.



Our energy efficient products are excellent solutions for a wide range of applications.

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ConstellationL1 our Star Plan leasing option is a great way to help save cash flow and spread the cost of installing LED lighting
ConstellationL1 the demand for low-energy lighting has increased dramatically in recent;y , as the awareness in the benefits in LED lighting has increased
ConstellationL1 @juiceianturner @Isotera I am aware of this product. It is very cool indeed.
ConstellationL1 when used as office lighting, LED lamps reduce the the eye strain that can result from the flickering that can occur with other lighting
ConstellationL1 because LED light don't have any moving parts, they also offer the longest maintenance free life span in comparison to other technologies
ConstellationL1 although LED lights may be small, what they lack in size they more than make up for in terms of energy efficiency!
ConstellationL1 our new website is fully mobile friendly too! Why not check it out while you're on the go?
ConstellationL1 tired of waiting for lights to warm up before you can see anything? Then try LED. Instant start up and no waiting around for light.
ConstellationL1 LED tube lamps offer exceptional energy savings of up to 80% compared to filament lamps and 40% when compared to sodium/halide lighting
ConstellationL1 check our wide range of LED products on our new site :
Case Studies

Case Studies

Take a look at some examples of the work we have completed for our clients.



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