LED lighting

Case Studies

Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex in Texas

Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex

“As General Manager of the Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex I am accurately aware of the cost of lighting and cooling our facility. Our facility is 16 years old and our […]

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Sheffield Football club

Sheffield United Football Club

Constellation Lighting worked with Sheffield United Football Club to develop an improved lighting solution for their carpark, which would also be low maintenance and energy saving. Car parks are traditionally […]

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McCain logo

McCain Frozen Foods – Scarborough Facility

McCains wanted an energy saving solution to the lighting of cold stores in their Scarborough facility. A project was set up in conjunction with Carbon Action Yorkshire, Constellation Lighting and […]

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McBurney Refridgeration Limited get new lights from Constellation

McBurney Refrigeration Limited

The McBurney Transport group was founded in 1965 in Ballymena by Norman McBurney. Since then the company has grown substantially to become one of Ireland’s largest independently run logistics operations, […]

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Constellation installs LED lights for Ward Hi-Tech

Ward Hi-Tech Save 73% on their Lighting Costs

Objectives Sheffield based Ward Hi-Tech tasked Constellation Lighting with replacing the current 400W fittings with a low energy LED option, whilst also increasing light levels to provide a WOW factor […]

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Hermes installs LED lighting & saves half a million pounds

Hermes saved half a million by switching to LED

There’s a certain responsibility that comes with being a big name in the industry – people look to you to be more aware of your efficiency and impact on the […]

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Delice de France LED lighting installation

Delice de France

Let’s face it; the idea of carrying out maintenance work is rarely a welcome one – especially as a senior manager. For a start, you risk losing revenue while work’s […]

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Kent Frozen Foods lighting installation

Constellation keep their cool for Kent Frozen Foods

Kent Frozen Foods pride themselves on providing high quality, locally-sourced food products and catering supplies to their customers, and their ongoing success has led to them investing in an expansion […]

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