LED lighting

Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex

Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex in Texas

“As General Manager of the Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex I am accurately aware of the cost of lighting and cooling our facility. Our facility is 16 years old and our 68 metal halide lights over ice had seen the best days. A decision had to be made, replace what we had with the same thing or go a different direction. Our facility decided to bite the bullet and go with LED lighting…. and we couldn’t be happier. ”

“We hired Constellation Lighting to replace all the lighting over the ice with the same number of LED units. The new lighting has been up for more than a month and the comments from customers could not be more positive. The lighting is brighter and more even throughout the ice surface so to the eye we see great improvement. But the real benefit is in the savings. We are seeing approximately 85% savings in energy cost for the lights and they generate no heat so our compressors run less. ”

“We were so happy we also replaced our 16 – 1000 watt coloured spot lights with 12 LED lights that give us the same savings with no heat generated. We also replaced our outside lighting with LED lighting and have been very pleased with those as well. Based on our own calculations we are looking at a payback in less than 2 years. Constellation Lighting have been a pleasure to work with and the results have been outstanding, both financially and aesthetically.”

TC Lewis
General Manager
Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex
Houston, TX