LED lighting

Sheffield United Football Club

Sheffield Football club

Constellation Lighting worked with Sheffield United Football Club to develop an improved lighting solution for their carpark, which would also be low maintenance and energy saving. Car parks are traditionally poorly lit, and maintenance is a problem due to the height of the luminaires, which makes access difficult and costly.

In Sheffield United’s case their lighting comprised three 500W SON’s mounted on the stadium building and illuminating the front of the carpark, with one additional 500W SON mounted to the side. This arrangement gave poor illumination and spread, and with their lights left on all night the maintenance workload was a problem.

Throughout adopting LED technology Sheffield United have been able to illuminate double the original car park area with a much more even light spread courtesy of twenty four Constellation Jupiter 48W LED luminaires. Further benefits of switching to LED are that the light colour is much more representative of daylight, being 5800K in temperature, and so the overall lighting effect has been totally transformed. In addition the long life of LED means that maintenance is no longer a factor.

The real added bonus to the customer though is that through switching from four high power SON lights to twenty four low energy LED lights their total power consumption has actually halved although the illuminated area has doubled.